Lunar eclipse fun

January 21 lunar eclipse. I had a bit of trouble getting things going again when I switched away from bulb mode back to short exposures and did a meridian flip(lessons learned) so the 3rd bit goes fast. The purple haze and clouds at the start are due to the fire I had to have running in the serious cold snap we were in with sub zero wind chills. The fuzzy edges are instability partly from horrid seeing and occasionally heat from the stove. Eventually the wind shifted and everything settled down to watch the eclipse enter totality, where it stayed for nearly an hour. Frames during that time were 15 and then 30 seconds toward the end of totality where I think the best shots are. I plan to grab one from that stack and share it in full resolution.

Alnitak and friends

Alnitak, and friends including Flame and Horsehead Nebulas.
ONE 600 second long exposure - the new mount is really something!

Pentax K5/UHC filter
600 second single image
ISO 100
Mount: SW eq6-r
guiding: converted TPO finder-guidescope/asi120c-s
Control system: Kstars/Ekos/indi in Linux Peppermint 9
TPO os6in newtonian/GSO coma corrector
Processed with Siril and RawTherapee

M45 Pleiades

M45, Pleiades cluster | Pentax K5(tethered) | TPO os6in 150mm f4 imaging newtonian
SW coma corrector | SW Eq6-r pro | Starguy 2" UHC | 4x 180s @iso100
Doesn't get any more cliché than this does it? The horses belong to the Lazy H ranch which is on my commute and so acts as a backdrop or foreground to many sunset photos.

Waxing gibbous Moon in RGB

This seems like just another photo of the moon but is actually a video stacked composite using a monochrome ZWO asi178mm camera mounted on a 6 inch imaging Newtonian telescope and a filter wheel. It's also the first time I've gotten one of these to work well. I struggled with the temptation to over sharpen and "push" the colors and hopefully found a good balance.